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Create a responsive site

Are you looking for a reliable and specialized web agency to create a dynamic, responsive business website on every device? Spada Media Group can help you package the best online business card for your business to drive customers to find you in the great world of the Internet.

A beautiful, fast-moving and trend-setting portal helps enhance your company’s brand image, provides opportunities for contact and dialogue with your target audience and opens up new business opportunities. A website, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful and functional, must also be, precisely, responsive, that is, navigable and optimized on different devices.

Invest in your online visibility with a responsive site

“Responsive” is defined as a website that features. a dynamic and changeable content, in which images and spaces resize themselves by adapting to different device formats.

The structure of a responsive site is optimized for mobile devices, but it is still the same site that transforms, unveils, hides and moves the various elements that make up the page so that it adapts to the shape of the device from which it is viewed.

In a responsive site, the elements that appear on each individual page adapt as the device’s resolution changes automatically. Responsiveness, then, is not concerned with substance but with form. A site like this is the best choice in optimization, especially since more and more people now browse from mobile.

Spada Media Group is a web agency with long experience and specialization in business and professional website creation.

Relying on a structured consulting agency gives you the opportunity to grow your business, run exciting promotions, strengthen your brand, and create communities to interact with your customers.

Invest in your online visibility with a responsive site

Relying on a web agency with a team of professionals who specialize in creating responsive sites means not only having a site that performs well and can be used from any device, but also being indexed in the best possible way on search engines. Creating a responsive site means adhering to certain dictates from a graphic point of view that make all the difference:

  • Abundant text size: aimed at ensuring optimal display and navigability at any resolution.
  • Hamburger menu: to make each menu item viewable even from the smallest screens.
  • Spacing of elements: to simplify and not create difficulties in selection from touch screens.
  • Wide spacing: for easy reading and fast scrolling (critical from mobile).
  • Essentiality of content: small space makes navigability fast and user-friendly even from a cell phone.

Making responsive sites: the main advantages

  • Reduce user abandonment rate: reaching a site with scattered content and an unclear menu causes us to immediately close the page and turn to a competitor.
  • Decrease loading times: poor navigability on a site and long wait times always result in page abandonment.
  • Increase brand reach: a responsive site allows users to access it almost anywhere, anytime, as long as they have an Internet connection.
  • Personalize the browsing experience: the screen of a mobile device cannot contain all the information on a computer screen because the resolution is lower, so it is important to distribute the content well.
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors: more and more sites are making use of a responsive design, but many are confusing and not at all uniform.

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Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group is a web agency with long experience and specialization in business and professional website creation. The agency team guarantees its clients quality service that includes:

  • Graphic realization: we take care of the graphic part, with the creation of ad hoc images, logos, flyers and brochures;
  • Content creation: we are in the business of creating quality content and creating editorial plans shaped to your company’s needs and goals;
  • Website development: we develop customized websites by tailoring it to your company’s mission, vision and values;
  • Training: we help you to easily manage your company website with a short training;
  • Support: we provide all-round support and take care of maintenance;
  • Web Marketing: we take care of the promotion on Google and social networks with a web marketing strategy dedicated to your company.

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