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A professional website is the cornerstone on which any digital marketing strategy for any type of business is based; therefore, the structure of the site must be well designed, solid and functional. Choosing the type of website to build for your business is, therefore, critical to the success of your business.

Web pages can be classified according to many different parameters and according to many characteristics, but one of the basic classifications is based on the functionality of the site: there are, in fact, static websites and dynamic websites.

What is a static website

Until a few years ago, the creation of static sites was the norm. Making a static site means creating web pages with fixed content, they are created only in HTML and CSS, without scripts, the only form of interactivity being hyperlinks. In other words, a static website is comparable to an online brochure that, through hyperlinks, allows users to view different pages on the screen of their device.

Because static sites contain fixed code, the content of each page does not change unless manually updated. This is why it is essential Rely on a specialized web agencysuch as Spada Media Group, which can dedicate to the creation of your static site a team of developers capable of acting directly on the HTML source code.


1. Definition of graphics

A dynamic website is built together with the client based on the specific needs, both graphically and in terms of the site structure/menu structure.

During an initial brief with the client, all requirements are received, and from these, Web Designers create a first graphic draft of the homepage and some subpages, both in desktop and mobile formats, which are submitted to the client for approval.

2. Menu definition and content creation

Together with the client, the site tree, which includes all the various sections/menu items, and the type of content is defined. Based on the menu items, the client then provides the text and images to be included on the site.

If included in the selected commercial offering, content can be produced by our Web Content Specialists.

3. WordPress site computer implementation

Once graphics and content are defined, we proceed with the actual computer programming phase of the website, carried out by professional programmers.

At the end of this phase, the site will be ready and it will be possible to proceed with uploading content.

4. Entering content

Once the site has been delivered, we need to proceed with the inclusion of content (text and images), concluding this phase with a fine-tuning of all details together with the client.

Here, the staging phase ends, and we need to proceed with putting it online.

5. domain and e-mail

To proceed with getting online, the target domain must be established:

  • if already in the client’s possession, a change will be made to the domain DNS, which will point to the server of the new site;
  • if previously managed by another agency, you can proceed with transferring the domain and mailboxes to our servers;
  • if not existing, available domains will be identified and purchased.

6. Go-Live of the
new site

Once the inclusion of content is completed, with the client’s approval we proceed with putting the site online. The timeline for go live is about 24 hours.

In the case of domain transfer, temporary disruptions in the operation of mailboxes may be encountered, and it is therefore necessary to identify the most suitable time for the customer to go online.

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why realize

Nowadays many people prefer affordability, simplicity and ease, specific features of a well-crafted static site. Relying on professionals means having several advantages:

  • Savings in terms of implementation time;
  • Saving on the cost of hosting;
  • Search engine indexing;
  • Quick and easy file transfer operations.

co2 neutral websites

Always sensitive to sustainability and issues of social concern, we are among the first Italian professional website creation agencies to develop CO2 Neutral sites to combat pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

In fact, the management of web hosting services also contributes to air pollution; this is why Spada Media Group decided to join the Tree-Nation program to combat deforestation, climate change.

Staff employed to build a static site

  • Account Manager: is the point person for the client and is in charge of managing all the operational phases necessary for the creation of a website, acting as a liaison between client/business area/specialist.
  • Web Content Specialist: is a technician who is in charge of building a Web site from a structural point of view, with treeing and layout; he or she is also in charge of domain management and putting the site online.
  • IT technical team: this is a team of specialists who are responsible for the creation of websites from a technical-informatics perspective, capable of creating state-of-the-art sites that combine design and usability.
  • Copywriter: is in charge of writing textual content for the site built with an SEO perspective, respecting some specific rules and maintaining an engaging style in line with the client’s language/tone of voice.
  • Graphic Designer: responsible for researching and adapting images in web format, respecting brand identity and digital techniques.

Why rely on
Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group is a web agency with long experience and specialization in business and professional website creation. The agency team guarantees its clients quality service that includes:

  • Graphic realization: we take care of the graphic part, with the creation of ad hoc images, logos, flyers and brochures;
  • Content creation: we are in the business of creating quality content and creating editorial plans shaped to your company’s needs and goals;
  • Website development: we develop customized websites by tailoring it to your company’s mission, vision and values;
  • Training: we help you to easily manage your company website with a short training;
  • Support: we provide all-round support and take care of maintenance;
  • Web Marketing: we take care of the promotion on Google and social networks with a web marketing strategy dedicated to your company.

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