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What is WooCommerce

Do you want to promote your company’s products or services and don’t know where to start to set up your e-commerce?

At Spada Media Group, we are in the business of building sites with WooCommerce, WordPress plugin that is very intuitive and suitable for all types of businesses. Our web agency provides a team of professionals who will go about structuring an e-commerce in line with your company’s values, from visual appearance to textual content.

WooCommerce is a plugin designed For sites created with WordPress, that turns a simple site into an e-commerce with numerous features. Created only in 2011, it currently has more than 3 million downloads worldwide.

WooCommerce site implementation: strengths

This plugin is open source, so it can be modified at any time and implemented with new features. 100% professional, it offers users a user-friendly experience, making your website perfect for any kind of online shop. This is the most comprehensive plugin we can find on WordPress for building an e-commerce: in just a few steps you can start your business online, selling worldwide quickly and easily.

Through this plugin you can work on a great user experience, which allows you to reduce the user abandonment rate on e-commerce. This results in shopping carts that are not emptied, satisfied customers and inclined to make a purchase on the shop again.

The major advantages of realizing
a site with WooCommerce

It enables simple and intuitive product management. In just a few clicks, all activities can be organized, from assigning prices to entering descriptions, from discounts to the number of available items.

Despite being an open source plugin, WooCommerce is safe, secure, verified and certified by the Sucuri Security team and is currently the most secure WordPress option available on the market.

WooCommerce is structured to create sites that are optimized to rank well on search engines. In this way, it is not necessary to act from code, but we can take advantage of SEO options of the plugin.

Offers lots of preconfigured and customizable templates. This is a very important feature and is one of the keys to the success of WooCommerce. The ability to customize your online shop (color, template, logo, graphic aspects) allows you to market yourself as a unique entity with a well-structured image, differentiating yourself from competitors.

To ensure the success of an e-commerce business, it is necessary that payment systems not only function properly, but that they are capable of ensuring maximum security. From this perspective, WooCommerce is the ideal option because it allows you to integrate different payment options, from bank transfer to cash on delivery, from credit card to PayPal, and even check.

WooCommerce offers the ability to analyze statistics related to your online shop as a built-in feature. This will provide a complete picture of, for example, total sales or sales confined to a specific time period, average order figure, target data, and more. In this way, a targeted and not a generic marketing strategy can be designed.

Why rely on an agency to build a site with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is simple and intuitive to use, offers multiple customization options, and has everything you need to run an e-commerce business with ease. However, it should be kept in mind that the online shop market has grown exponentially and competition is extremely high.

To stand out from the competition, you need to create a successful e-commerce that has distinctive and unique elements . Making a difference online is not easy, but with the help of professionals in the field you can study an effective strategy that will bring sure results. That is why it would be better not to use WooCommerce on your own if you are not an expert in the field. The risk is to create a basic e-commerce without potential.

Why rely on
Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group is a web agency with long experience and specialization in business and professional website creation. The agency team guarantees its clients quality service that includes:

  • Graphic realization: we take care of the graphic part, with the creation of ad hoc images, logos, flyers and brochures;
  • Content creation: we are in the business of creating quality content and creating editorial plans shaped to your company’s needs and goals;
  • Website development: we develop customized websites by tailoring it to your company’s mission, vision and values;
  • Training: we help you to easily manage your company website with a short training;
  • Support: we provide all-round support and take care of maintenance;
  • Web Marketing: we take care of the promotion on Google and social networks with a web marketing strategy dedicated to your company.

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