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Having an online sales channel is essential nowadays: more and more users are using e-commerce to make purchases, whether from a computer or mobile. The creation of an e-commerce is done on the basis of the goals you want to achieve: in this way, you can create graphics that are tailored and suitable for a specific target audience.

The creation of a professional e-commerce is, therefore, the final step in the marketing strategy: first we need to analyze the market in which we want to position ourselves, assess what competitors are and what values we want to convey.

E-commerce site realization: open your own shop

E-commerce must be intuitive and navigation simple: in just a few clicks you need to reach any page, and this can be done with a well-optimized menu.

The online shop is a very effective tool for promoting your business, but it must be well constructed so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

In addition to making a site easily navigable, both from desktop and mobile, it is important to use different channels to promote it, such as social media or other digital marketing strategies.


It may sound trivial, but compared to a physical store, an e-commerce store never closes; as a result, customers can shop 24/7 in comfort. This is a very advantageous solution for the seller who, in this way, has the ability to sell their products and/or services at any time-including holidays-and from any location.

The economic aspect is always very important when it comes to business. In the case of e-commerce, the advantage lies in the reduction of fixed costs, such as room rent or expenses related to utilities and staff fees. Obviously, they will be replaced by the costs for shipping and e-commerce management, but they will still be less.

It used to be that small companies had a purely local reach, but even larger ones could not reach every corner of the planet. With the Internet, however, one can sell anywhere in the world, thus multiplying business opportunities. If the intent is to export your online business to other countries, the e-commerce should be multilingual.

Print advertising campaigns, organization of events are all undoubtedly very effective actions in terms of marketing but they cost a lot of time, effort and money. With an e-commerce, on the other hand, you can plan business actions much more easily: just update the site to let users know about promotions, news and upcoming releases.

Online shopping allows us to collect very useful information about users, which enables us to create targeted marketing strategies. Once you have identified your target audience, it is very important to know all you can about their tastes and preferences so that you can come up with an offer that is increasingly personalized and on target.

The Internet is a very powerful tool that can decree the success or failure of any business. Therefore, if ecommerce is done well and works properly, it is possible to take advantage of this channel to improve one’s corporate image and thus gain more visibility. An online store can have the same credibility as a physical brand.

How to promote the products of an e-commerce

Making an e-commerce is not enough to be able to sell online, because if you don’t promote it with the right tools, no one will be able to reach you. The first actions to be taken in this regard are site optimization and promotion, which take place through various marketing activities:

  • SEO: the set of strategies that enable e-commerce to getting a good ranking on search engines;
  • SEM: an acronym for Search Engine Marketing, allows you to attract as many users as possible to e-commerce through planned advertising campaigns via Google Ads;
  • E-mail marketing: a strategy that aims to increase sales through constant e-mail communication with customers, which may be about discounts and promotions or simply offering quality content.

Opening an e-commerce is a strategic business choice that can provide numerous benefits, both in the short and long term. Spada Media Group is an agency that has specialized in e-commerce implementation for more than 10 years.

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Spada Media Group is a web agency with long experience and specialization in business and professional website creation. The agency team guarantees its clients quality service that includes:

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  • Content creation: we are in the business of creating quality content and creating editorial plans shaped to your company’s needs and goals;
  • Website development: we develop customized websites by tailoring it to your company’s mission, vision and values;
  • Training: we help you to easily manage your company website with a short training;
  • Support: we provide all-round support and take care of maintenance;
  • Web Marketing: we take care of promotion on Google and Social Networks with a web marketing strategy dedicated to your business.

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