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WhatsApp: the most famous
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WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application in the world, with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. In Italy alone, 30 million people have installed the app on their smartphones, and 95 percent of these people access the app at least once a day to send or receive messages. Just reading this data is enough to understand the importance of marketing with WhatsApp Business.

Marketing with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp, in fact has opened up the possibility for businesses to use the messaging system in a structured way through WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business can be managed through WhatsApp Care, a new web-based technology platform that allows you to easily, but at the same time in a structured manner, manage all communications with your company’s Customer Base through the WhatsApp channel. With the WhatsApp Care platform, integrated with the WhatsApp API, it is possible to manage each WhatsApp Business number/account simultaneously with multiple operators.

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Desktop interface

A web-based dashboard intended for more experienced operators for total control of messages and operator work, with advanced statistics. You can get many advanced features such as control assignment of requests to operators, labels, ticket queue management, and spammer blocking.

WhatsApp Business for desktop: what it's for and how it works

  • Allows super-admin access to all inbound and outbound communications (thus brand-to-user and user-to-brand).
  • It allows you to manage the system of assigning requests to individual operators, as well as view the intakes and resolution status of individual chats.
  • Provides total access to all advanced statistics related to messages and operators’ work.
  • It enables GDPR-compliant management of customer data, spammer blocking and possible integration with the CRM platform used in the company.
  • Provides the ability to create an automated workflow to ask the customer for preliminary information in order to direct them to the right agent.

Mobile interface

Instead, a mobile-based interface intended for all operators or live agents, which is so easy and intuitive that it can be used by everyone without special skills. It is a WhatsApp-like interface, with an easy login and alert system on the operator’s phone that will be able to respond quickly in chat even if engaged in other tasks.

project phases

1. Definition of campaign type and settings

Remuneration for a display campaign can be based on the number of views obtained or the amount of visits (clicks) the banner generated to the advertiser’s site. In the first case we speak of Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), or cost per thousand views; in the second case we speak of Cost Per Click (CPC), or cost per click by users.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

2. Realization of the banners

Depending on the type of campaign selected, the set of banners will be made in the standard IAB formats and any premium formats such as skins and mustheads, both desktop and mobile, respecting the parameters imposed by the platform (size, animations, weight,…). Banners can be made either by the client or by our graphic design team, in the case of purchasing this service.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

3. Landing page definition

Each banner will be linked to a specific landing page, to be optimized from a structure and content perspective to improve its performance from an SEM perspective. Depending on the subject of the campaign, one or more landing pages may be used, exploiting if possible pages already present on the client’s site or alternatively created from scratch on another domain/subdomain.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

4. Platform configuration

Once the general campaign settings and banners have been approved, you can proceed with the configuration of the advertising platform. In order to be able to monitor the progress of the campaign in detail, it is necessary to install a tracking pixel within the landing page.

Timing: 1 working day (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

5. Starting campaigns

Once all materials are approved and the platform is set up, the campaign is launched, with daily performance monitoring and subsequent proactive and reactive optimization both daily and weekly.

Timing: 1 working day from receipt of all materials

Why choose Spada Media Group for Whatsapp Business consulting?

Spada Media Group has a team of social media managers and graphic designers who specialize in creating content for social channels and managing it. Among the first agencies to have felt the need for companies’ presence on WhatsApp Business has been active in the consulting field for years and can boast among its clients several national and international entities.


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