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Instagram for
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Instagram has proven to be a key ally for business marketing strategies over the years; in fact, there are many (there are more than 25 million business profiles worldwide) companies that use this tool to make themselves known and reach potential customers.

In fact, as of January 2019, the audience reachable by advertising on Instagram was estimated at around 900 million monthly active users, and 80 percent of the platform’s subscribers are followers of a company or brand. More than 200 million users view content from Business profiles at least once every day, and about one-third of the Stories that get the most views are precisely those posted by businesses.

Instagram consulting:
how it works

For a Brand or Company to have an Instagram consultancy that allows them to have curated and up-to-date social profiles is crucial, plus social marketing offers many business opportunities that often go untapped, however, in the absence of a proper content planning strategy and good community management. For these reasons, it is important to structure every single aspect of managing a corporate Instagram profile; in particular, it is necessary:

  • Structuring a communication strategy tailored to the industry in which the company operates, related to the language and communication techniques specific to social media;
  • Conceive, plan and publish content;
  • Structuring a targeted

    paid advertising strategy;

  • Managing interactions with fans/followers.

How much does it cost to manage
a corporate Instagram page

This can range from a minimum expenditure of a few hundred euros per month to several thousand. Costs relate to different aspects of page management:


Creation of an editorial plan (PED) with respective content


Selection and activation of influencers


Interaction, comment and inbox management


Creating and monitoring adv campaigns


Data analytics and reporting

project phases

1. sector analysis

In this phase the Social Media Specialists structure an in-depth benchmarking within which they analyze the client’s corporate Instagram profile (if any), the main industry trends, the most relevant competitors, and finally identify the macro topics outlining the strategy to be adopted to maximize user engagement.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

2. Corporate profile creation

If it does not already exist, proceed with the creation of the corporate Instagram profile, inserting profile image and the main information required by the channel, all in line with the company’s corporate identity.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

3. Editorial plan

The main tool used to manage communication on Instagram is the Editorial Plan (EEP), created by the Social Media Manager, containing all the proposed posts to be published on the client’s profile. Each piece of proposed content uses industry-specific codes and creative language with the goal of expanding the fan base and enhancing the client’s brand image through carefully planned posts that prompt users to interact and share the content.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

4. Post publication and interaction management

Once the client approves the PED, all content is scheduled and then published. Daily monitoring of comments, likes and interactions with published content is also carried out. The management of social interactions is structured through special procedures agreed upon with the client, as well as is structured through an Interactions Management and F.A.Q. document. (Crisis Management excluded).

Timing: daily activity

5. Setting up social ADV campaigns

Activation of advertising campaigns to publicize posts and Instagram stories, so as to reach the largest number of targeted users effectively and convey the key messages of different communication campaigns. Instagram campaigns are managed through Facebook’s Business Manager and can be set up with different objectives.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed according to the specific project)

Pluses of the service

Below are all the pluses related to the service
If you decide to rely on Spada Media Group.


We are Facebook Marketing Partner, with a direct communication channel with Facebook Inc/Instagram.


Generate brand awareness and improve customer brand reputation


Build customer loyalty through brand transformation into a community


Create social customer service so that users find the corporate Instagram profile an opportunity for dialogue for information


Increase brand visibility through sponsored ADVs to a specific target audience


Improve brand presence on search engines

Why choose Spada Media Group for Instagram consulting?

Spada Media Group ‘s team of social media managers specializes in creating content for Instagram and creating targeted editorial plans. We are among the first agencies in Italy to have sensed the potential of Instagram for marketing, gaining experience and know-how over the years in managing Business profiles to ensure maximum visibility for brands and companies.


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