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Social Media Marketing Consultants

Social Media Marketing, nowadays, is one of the cornerstones of marketing strategies of successful enterprises. This is because millions of users spend much of their time, informing and entertaining themselves on social platforms.

The social media marketing consultancy offered by Spada Media Group is able, thanks to a team of social media marketing consultants with cross-cutting and specific skills, to devise an effective strategy and of Accompany companies at all stages of the campaign: choosing channels, analyzing the target audience, planning and processing the content to be published, managing interactions with users, and monitoring and optimizing performance indicators.

Social Media Marketing: why it is important

The habit of consulting and posting content on social networks is now part of our everyday life, and this is why Social Media Marketing is taking on an increasingly important and strategic role. In Italy, according to data from We Are Social’s Digital 2021 report, more than 50 million people use the Internet every day, of these more than 41 million have social profiles.

Web users spend an average of as many as 2 hours a day on social platforms posting, tagging, recommending, putting likes, commenting, in addition, 31% also use social for work, this gives a good idea of the importance social networks have for modern marketing strategies. A specialized Social Media Marketing Consultancy, therefore, is now an imperative for brands that want to expand their market by increasing their customer base or seeking new business opportunities.

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What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social networks to
Promote the products and/or services of any company.
The basic idea, of every social media marketing consultant at Spada Media Group, is to have companies found where customers are most accustomed to spending their time, generating visibility on communities and social through integrated and organic communication and marketing management across all platforms.

The goal, in fact, is to create interactions with consumers and prospectsby working on values and interests to create affinity and build brand loyalty. This type of Social Media Marketing consultancy allows companies to improve their brand visibility, respond to inquiries regarding their offerings, promote new products, or new services, in a quick and high-performance manner, and direct purchasing decisions, with an all-in budget.

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Social media marketing consulting for:


This platform offers brands concrete possibilities to meet their target audience by sharing content and creating engagement.


Companies that sell "physical" products can enable Shopping, a feature that many experts point to as the future of social commerce.


It offers numerous opportunities for brand business growth and marketing promotional activities, as well as the search for potential employees.


This platform has a great capacity for entertainment; speed, ease of use and viral trends are the peculiarities of this social.


Platform that allows users to view, share and upload videos. The growth of video marketing has resulted in YouTube becoming the second largest search engine after Google.


It is the platform that users prefer for timely interactions with the brand, it has become, in recent years, a hub for finding information about companies, their products, their services, their events.

Social media marketing consulting: rely on specialized consultants

Spada Media Group ‘s social media marketing consultancy can set up a customized and effective strategy for companies through several steps:

  1. Conducting an audit:
    through analysis, monitoring and study of competitors we are able to understand the characteristics of the audience and which social channels the most traffic.
  2. Goal setting and metrics: the social media marketing campaign should be set up having clear goals with metrics and KPIs to monitor and intervene when needed.
  3. Target audience research: defining buyer personas is critical to understanding the typical characteristics of the target audience

  4. Defining content strategy:

    Drawing up an editorial plan, with content linked to goals and audience, allows you to automate the activity of publishing posts and be effective.
  5. Defining a possible paid strategy: paid ads on social media allow you to increase website traffic, improve brand awareness and engagement, and increase leads and sales.
  6. Monitor, measure, and optimize: social media management is essential for an effective campaign; in fact, one must constantly monitor the campaign and take prompt action in case of changes.


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