Social Media Content Strategy

The channel is nothing without the content

Social Media Content

Nowadays it is not enough to be on Social, but you have to speak the language of Social. Therefore, setting and implementing a customized, high-performing, and effective Social Media Content Strategy is critical for every brand.

On average, a person remembers 80 percent of what he sees, 20 percent of what he reads, and only 10 percent of what he hears. From this it emerges how social media today allows for the creation of content capable of sticking in people’s memories, but always and only if it is effective and well researched.

Therefore, it is not enough to publish photos, videos, stories, articles and content related to one’s brand or turn one’s channels (personal and business) into sales showcases. There is no more ineffective use of social media than this type of social media content strategy.

Social media content: customize your strategy

It is essential to use social channels and manage your web presence professionally, relying on a web agency that can offer in-depth advice, a customized and dynamic social content strategy and providing its clients with a team of people with specific skills capable of creating effective and high-performing social media content.

Indeed, social networks offer the opportunity to address an audience of hundreds of millions of users who interact, exchanging opinions on products, advice and opinions on services and experiences: speaking the same language, in the right spaces, is essential. Knowing how to communicate properly and initiate good social media marketing strategies allows you to reach new contacts, new potential customers, get more visibility for brands and initiate new loyalty strategies.

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Social Media Content: what it is and what it is for

Social Media Content is a marketing technique aimed at creating and distributing relevant, fresh, and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clear and defined target audience, with the goal of driving profitable customer action. But, mind you, content marketing does not aim to “sell,” but rather aims to create quality content, to be conveyed through its channels, that can educate, explain, entertain, inform and above all engage its audience. People have a need to

Feeling part of an interconnected community

, to be accepted, understood, listened to, and to receive attention-this is what an effective social media content strategy does.

Social Media Content: trust the specialists

Relying on Spada Media Group means communicating content that can increase brand awareness, engagement, strengthen positioning, and, at the same time, build a following that is increasingly interested and involved in what the company offers.

A professional and accurate social media content strategy is also critical forinbound marketing, positioning the brand in the mind and on the web. The team of professionals that Spada Media Group will provide for your business will also always take into account the emotional component of Social Media Content, managing interactions with the audience in a professional and effective way so that you are not just talking to people, but talking to people.

All because, the emotional component in the purchase of a service or product is a key factor.

According to a Columbia University study, as much as 95 percent of a consumer’s purchasing power is due to the emotional experience in the first stage of choice. A properly managed exchange of comments and/or likes, therefore, can move a potential customer’s will and lead him, almost unknowingly, to purchase.

These and many others are today the advantages that a professional Social Media Content Strategy offers to companies, and to fully grasp them it is right to rely on the professionals of a social media agency such as Agenzia Spada with a background made of dozens and dozens of social projects followed on behalf of realities of excellence on the regional, national and international territory. Being able to take advantage of the advice of social media content specialists, community managers, web marketers, social media managers and account managers is a guarantee for effective social media content marketing strategies on well-delineated targets and thus have the maximum return from promotional social advertising campaigns.

As a social media agency Agenzia Spada offers services of:

  • Creating and publishing editorial plans
  • Community management
  • Social Ads
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Personal training

Remember, however, that the basis for any web strategy is to have a functional, user friendly site that is optimized to be intercepted by search engines, so we invite you to find out more about the services that Agenzia Spada offers as a web agency.


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