Social Audit

The first step in planning
an effective Social Media Strategy

Audit Social:
what it is and what it is for

The term Social Media Audit refers to a process of evaluating the performance of a company’s social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and any other platforms.

The Social Audit is carried out with special analysis software, lasts a few days and ends with the sharing of a document highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy adopted on social networks by the company.

When to do a Social Audit?

Our clients find Audits very useful because they allow them to understand the situation as-is (current state) and
define the most appropriate strategy
in managing their social channels
, such as how to integrate social media with other digital media, what budget to invest in promotional campaigns, how often to publish content, and more.

Although the practice is to conduct the Audit as the first phase of the project, we recommendperiodic Audit analysis to best track the progress of the project, as this ensures regular monitoring of the progress of the KPIs (project objectives) and work outlined in the strategy.

What you need to know
To start an audit?


On which channels are the users you want to reach?


What topics are they interested in?


What exactly are they talking about on social media?


What hashtags do they use most frequently?


How do they interact with different types of content?


Are there potential customers present in different audience segments?

How to perform a Social Audit?

Once the analysis is complete, it is easy to see what the current state of the company’s social pages is or what channels might be to open, maintain, and work on. You can then move on to another phase of the Social Media Strategy, such as Content Strategy or the
Social Adv campaigns
. When conducting an analysis of a social channel, it is important to have access to company account data and always keep the following points in mind:

What are the goals of running a social channel, such as a Facebook business page, Instagram business profile, LinkedIn company page or showcase? Are we only interested in brand awareness, the number of fans/followers, or do we want to use social channels to bring traffic to the site and/or do lead generation?

What is being posted on these company profiles? What content is most often focused on? The graphics align with the brand colors? Is the communication style (tone-of-voice) aligned with the corporate style? What are the most appropriate hashtags to use?

Is the target audience well known? Are fans and followers real or fake? What is the level of engagement from users? How do users interact with the brand? What words do they associate with it?

Why rely on
Spada Media Group

To carry out an effective Social Media Audit, it is necessary to use professional software and leverage the experience gained from managing many projects.

In Spada Media Group we analyze the brand’s presence on the various social networks, the communication strategy, the return it generates, and the perception users have of the brand. We study, therefore, the brand’s activity and performance on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media that should be of interest, but also what is being said about the brand online and how it is perceived by users.

Spada Media Group’s team consists of communication, marketing and graphic design specialists, as well as social media managers (SMM), content specialists and web reputation experts, who will be able to provide you with comprehensive and in-depth advice. Contact us for more information.


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