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Social Media Ads: what they are and what they are for

Social Ads or Social Adv are ads specifically created for social networks, the relevance of which is ensured by profiling users within the platform, and aim to ensure a high number of conversions from users potentially interested in the product.

they take the name Facebook Ads, as do Instagram Ads, while on LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok they are simply called advertisements or paid posts.

Social media advertising: the importance of profiling

Within social media, from an advertising perspective, a key role is occupied by profiling, which is necessary for the proper delivery of the most relevant advertising content to each user. Few people know that the advertising posts that each of us sees are personalized according to our demographic, geographic and browsing parameters. This can be done by explicit profiling, that is, when the user consciously expresses the processing of his or her data, tastes, and habits; or, by implicit profiling, that is, when the set of information necessary for profiling is deduced by analyzing the user’s browsing behavior, thus through cookies.

Targeted and efficient budgets

In defining one’s target audience, the data allow one to skim the number of users to be targeted. Generally, audiences are divided according to various characteristics:

How much does a social media advertising campaign cost

These considerations thus show that social media advertising campaigns can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand per month. More generally, a local brand with a geo-localized target audience can spend from 200 to 1,000 €/month, while a national brand can go as high as 10,000 €/month or more. The positive factor is that the budget spent is significantly more effective than other off-line media because there is less dispersion because the audience on social is profiled. Obviously, it is necessary to choose the correct social and possibly also flank other media, such as TV, radio or Google Ads.

The goals of a social media advertising campaign

The goals to be achieved by a social adv campaign can be different:

  • Lead generation
  • Traffic to a website
  • Promoting an event
  • Growth of a page’s fans or followers
  • Visibility of a single post Increased brand awareness
  • Increased drive-to-store
  • Increasing the sales of an e-commerce

To properly set up a social media advertising campaign and not waste budget unnecessarily, it is important to contact an agency with experienced, certified and constantly updated staff, Advertising platforms, such as Meta Business Manager for Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Twitter Ads, TikTok for business, Pinterest Ads are in fact constantly evolving and provide, only for partner agencies, a specific level of support from Social Network staff.

A social media advertising campaign must be analyzed through the traditional metrics that each platform provides. The campaign goal, set at the startup stage, defines what metrics are most important.

The main data concern:

  • Followers: a figure that highlights the trend of traffic and user engagement reached by our campaign. In particular, we are interested in the relationship between interactions with the campaign and the eventual increase in followers of our social account;
  • Impressions: that is, the number of users who saw your ad;
  • Engagement: the activities that users engage with your campaign (likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc.).

Of particular interest is also the cross-reference to the company’s website, with a possible link to Google Analytics that allows us to understand how many new users have arrived from social networks. For this reason, it is advisable to always run integrated campaigns and own a state-of-the-art website designed by professionals.

Why to rely on Spada Media Group

The added value of relying on a serious and experienced agency is not that of creating the individual advertisement, but that of Outsource the entire design of the overall promotional strategy to qualified professionals, which in many cases also includes other platforms for product promotion, such as Google ADS.

In fact, a qualified agency like Spada Media Group allows you to maximize your investment by analyzing your target business, competitors and market in detail and figuring out what is the best strategy to achieve the marketing goals you originally set.

Finally, only continuous analysis of performance and its subsequent optimization will achieve the desired results.


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