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Influencer marketing: what it is and how it works

The concept of influencer marketing is about well-known people, VIPs and celebrities who allow their name and image to be associated with brands and products to influence consumers’ buying habits. Today, in the age of social networking, influencer marketing helps you get your brand known and your audience to love your storytelling.

Through good
Influencer Marketing
it is possible to find profiles capable of conveying brand value to broad audience segments, greatly increase product visibility and brand authority. Influencer marketing allows you to reach your target audience cost-effectively, providing visibility for your brand and also being able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign through advanced monitoring tools, Analytics and Social Insights.

Once the key industry influencers and their respective engagements have been defined in order to select the best ones to be included within a strategic project built on the client’s needs, the team of social media specialists processes A project that is structured ad hoc based on the client’s goals and budget.

Projects and initiatives involving bloggers and social influencers are based on 5 main phases:

  • INFLUENCER RECRUITMENT: identification of key industry influencers and engagement
  • NEGOTIATION: ad hoc project development with bloggers
  • MANAGEMENT: content creation for experiential storytelling and relationship management
  • DISTRIBUTION: major channel selection and distribution
  • MEASUREMENT: Results analysis and web review.
  • Engaging new audiences directly and quickly;
  • Increasing followers in a short time;
  • Generate brand awareness and improve customer brand reputation;
  • Ability to invest low budgets and achieve great results in terms of visibility and engagement, particularly on the client’s social channels;
  • Build customer loyalty through brand transformation into a community.

With new web reputation monitoring and blogger recruitment tools, it is possible, with reduced budgets, to reach your target audience and have maximum results in brand visibility.

Content Creation production of quality photo and video content that is able to enhance brand perception, in relation to the client’s communication cornerstones.

Digital PR → Manage the creation and publication of content by the digital influencers involved, with the goal of increasing visibility and engagement on the client’s social networks.

Content placement → Manage the publication of an article/photo/video content and news on blogs and portals with thousands of visitors.

Product Review → Coordinate the production of product reviews by an authoritative voice in your industry.

Test Drive → Ability to provide the influencer with a car, on loan for a day or a weekend (or other period to be agreed upon), in order to test drive and review it on their channels

Location visibility → Coordinate influencer’s presence within their location/company so as to enhance their visibility.

Special Guest → Coordinate influencer presence at one’s event, such as a conference or new product launch, etc., and related-eventual publication of ad hoc content on one’s channels.

After final approval by the client, the content is published by the influencer on their social channels. Generally, the number of total publications is determined by the plan selected during recruitment. The same content is then re-shared on the client’s social profiles and daily monitoring of comments, likes and interactions with the posted content is carried out. At the end of the influencer marketing activity, a customized report is prepared that includes the results of all publications made by the influencers, in terms of views and engagement, obtained through advanced monitoring tools, Analytics and Social Insights.

Influencers are not all the same

Influencers can be classified into three different categories depending on the function they perform and the type of service required:

    Are followed by a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 thousand followers. They enjoy a good following in specific niche markets due to the fact that interactions from followers are more manageable with spontaneity and naturalness.

    are followed by a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 thousand followers. They can handle interactions naturally and are perceived as credible when sponsoring products. They often share content of acceptable quality and are often not focused on a specific area, but deal with multiple issues.


    are bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers, etc. who have become established professionals in their field and have a minimum of 100 thousand followers. The content they create and share is of high quality because of their passion to focus on a specific topic or industry.

Rely on a qualified agency for your Influencer Marketing campaigns

Spada Media Group can support you in launching your influencer marketing initiatives by putting at the service of your brand a team of trained and qualified professionals whose training is constantly being updated.

Designing an influencer marketing campaign does not mean simply selecting an influencer with a good number of followers from social media and involving him or her in your project, but devising a promotional strategy focused on valuable content that can really increase sales.

Spada Media Group is a certified agency qualified as a Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner, also capable of offering you a cross-media service that also includes the design of off-site and on-site strategies targeted to specific objectives and constant monitoring of campaign performance. Our team will, therefore, mix the skills of a modern digital agency with solid experience in the world of online and offline advertising in order to guarantee clients the best possible support in every project.


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