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Community Management: what it is and what it is for

Community management is the management of communities related to a company, brand, or entity. Nowadays, promotional activity comes first and foremost from the relationship with one’s customers. Direct dialogue and the building of a relationship of trust, of a web community to belong to and engage with, are lasting and more powerful elements than classic advertising activities.

Users, they want to be asked and expect that there will always be someone available to answer their questions and concerns. In other words, they expect a person behind the brand who, through a precise tone of voice, makes customers feel important. Nothing builds and strengthens brand reputation more than proper community management.

The various types of communities

There are 4 types of community management:

  • Community of place: refers to a local audience and involves proximity of members;
  • Support community: can be formed independently or under the push of the company, provides a group of users who support a brand, product or service;
  • Interest community: consists of individuals who share an interest and are looking for an exchange of views;
  • Community in practice: characterized by the presence of individuals who work in the same field and can share opinions or advice.

The Community Management activity, operated by Spada Media Group, allows you to monitor conversations regarding your brand and the products/services you refer, generating a dialogue that has a two-way direction between brand and user.

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Community Management: why it is important

“Don’t look for customers for your products, but products for your customers” (Seth Godin)

An agency
structured and reliable as Spada Media Group
is able to offer a Community Management activity aimed at intercepting and understanding the audience and potential customers, so as to fully satisfy them and attract their attention.

Our team of community management experts creates and invents useful solutions, proposes innovative and interactive experiences with the aim of accompanying the consumer step by step towards the purchase of products/services, such as the Management of a WhatsApp Business channel. It should not be forgotten that reputation is the basis of all success and sales, feedback from the public is the showcase of all activities.This is why relying on professionals in the field, with experience and expertise, gives the opportunity to create interactions with users.

Community Management:
the advantages

Effective Community Management enables the creation of value, incentivizing the
content creation by the user
and enabling the increase of Brand Awareness. The advantages of professional management are:

  • Increased visibility;
  • Direct channel to the publics;
  • Novelty promotion;
  • Analyze sales performance;
  • To be constantly in step with the times.

Community Management: put your trust in the specialists

Choosing Spada Media Group means relying on experienced Community Managers capable of creating industry-specific Communities. Starting from an analysis of the target audience, we will design the Community by defining the most suitable ways of aggregation to achieve the objectives, or, in the case where it has already sprung up spontaneously, we will monitor and support it according to the demands, explicit and implicit, of the users themselves or the objectives of the brand.

Our Community Management always puts the user at the center, making them the protagonist of its initiatives. Users/consumers need to be retained: they need to feel part of something as, emotional closeness to a brand, will automatically drive them to be more likely to purchase products and services.


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