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The integrated management of communication
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Social Network

For a Social Media Marketing agency, the term Social Media Management represents everyday life and refers to the integrated management of communication on various social networks and platforms made available by Web 2.0.

Nowadays, any company cannot fail to have a presence on the various social channels, as these offer the opportunity to address an audience consisting of hundreds of millions of users who interact, exchanging opinions on products, advice and opinions on services and experiences.

Social in the path to purchase

Very often, before a purchase, users sift through comments on social networks to see if the product or service they are about to purchase has value.

Likewise, after purchase they leave their opinion contributing to the continuous growth of exchange and dialogue around the product. Thus, thanks to social channels, the company can establish a constant dialogue with its customers, get to know their tastes, habits and behaviors.



Knowing how to communicate properly and initiate good social media marketing strategies allows you to reach new contacts, new potential customers, get more visibility for brands and initiate new loyalty strategies.


An in-depth knowledge of these platforms enables the consolidation of the relationship between brand and consumers, which is crucial to achieving certain goals; therefore, it is necessary to turn to a reliable social media marketing agency.

Managing a community

As a social media marketing agency, we manage social communities aiming to creating engagement and specific interactions with users reaching customer loyalty. Having good social media management essentially means Develop and maintain lasting relationships with your audience.

Engaging users, providing satisfying customer care and creating a two-way conversation can make a big difference in social media and how they become attached to your brand. In fact, good social media management has a valuable ripple effect and can generate ongoing contacts and customers.

Rely on a
social media agency

These are just some of the advantages that social networks offer today to companies and, to fully grasp them, it is right to rely on professionals of a social media agency like Spada Media Group with already dozens of social projects followed on behalf of realities of excellence in the country.

Being able to take advantage from the advice of web content specialists, community managers and web marketers is a guarantee for effective social marketing strategies on well-delineated targets and allows, therefore, to have the maximum return from promotional social advertising campaigns.

Why rely on
Spada Media Group

Ensuring value and performance at every stage of social media strategy, Spada Media Group follows and supports its clients in every step: from the analysis of the target audience to the drafting of a social media plan to evaluate the platforms on which to intervene, from the conception to the planning of ads campaigns, to the conception and implementation of the editorial plan and graphic, textual and audio-visual material, respecting the logic and language best suited to each channel and closest to the tone of voice of the brand, from the management of user interactions to the achievement of all previously set objectives.

It is good to remember, however, that as basis of any social strategy it would be best to have a website that is functional, user friendly and optimized to be intercepted by search engines.


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