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SEO link building: what it is and why it can make a difference to your business

Among the strategies that digital marketers are tasked with architecting, one of the most important is undoubtedly SEO link building, a process by which a website acquires hyperlinks from other sites.

Link building is extremely useful in SEO terms, search engine spiders, in fact, constantly crawl web pages, whose content they can also add to their indexes. In doing so, they decide whether a page is of sufficient quality for
be well positioned
relation to the keywords on it.

L’importanza della
link building SEO

Ogni link in ingresso può essere considerato come una sorta di voto di fiducia da parte di una pagina ad un’altra: nel momento in cui ci si collega a un sito diverso dal proprio, infatti, implicitamente si indica quest’altro sito come una risorsa affidabile.

Tuttavia, la manipolazione dell’algoritmo tramite l’eccessivo utilizzo di parole chiave ha rappresentato una notevole spina nel fianco per Google che, proprio per questo, nel corso del tempo ha penalizzato strategie di link building spregiudicate che violano le linee guida per i webmaster.

Dal 2012, infatti, con l’update Penguin, Google ha preso una direzione molto decisa nel combattere le attività di webspam e sovra-ottimizzazione SEO: non è più sufficiente, dunque, ricevere link al proprio sito per migliorare il suo posizionamento, ma occorre ricevere link che rispettano determinati requisiti.

Relying on a structured consulting agency like Spada Media Group gives you the opportunity to grow your business, run exciting promotions, strengthen your brand, and create communities to interact with your customers.

How to do SEO link building without incurring penalties

There are various link building techniques: first of all, to do it well, it is necessary not only to pursue the main objective of this activity, viz. increase the number of incoming links to a website, but also increase the authority of a given site in the eyes of search engines by meeting the criteria established by Google for its evaluation: quality in the first place, but also relevance and relevance. Backlinks should come from reliable sources that are thematically related to the website’s target industry.

The strategies of
more effective link building

In general, an important factor to consider is that external link building should be done as naturally as possible. Link building sites, therefore, must deal with topics related to the target site, using the relevant keywords. In addition, SEO link building strategies, can range from guest posting to collaborating with opinion leaders, to commenting on blogs and forums, or simply adding URLs to a post. Implementing an SEO link building campaign involves organizing a number of specific actions, including:

  • Competitive analysis;

  • The analysis of one’s own site
    (e.g. to assess the current ranking, from which to define room for improvement);
  • Focus on link quality: Google penalizes low-quality content, so you need to check the trustworthiness of the sites you choose to link to.

When it comes to off-page SEO, link building is one of the main activities: in order to be successful in the digital sphere, in fact, you have to look beyond your own site. Off-page SEO is precisely about all the techniques that take place “outside” a website, and alongside activities such as content marketing, social media marketing, and brand identity building, link building is definitely an indispensable part of a website’s success.

Why to rely on Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group can support you in starting your SEO project by putting at the service of your brand a team of trained and qualified professionals, whose training is always being updated, consisting of:

  • Account Manager: is the point person for the client and is in charge of managing all the operational phases necessary to start an SEO project, acting as a liaison between client/business area/SEO specialist.
  • SEO Specialist: the specialist who deals with the optimization of websites or mobile applications within search engines, Google in the first place, so as to improve their organic ranking.
  • Link Builder Specialist: is a professional expert in off-site optimization techniques and is responsible for creating valuable links to be placed within the site, with the goal of improving its “value” received by Google and search engines.
  • Copywriter: is in charge of writing text content in SEO.


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