Google positioning

Get your website to the top of Google SERPs

How to place
a website on Google

Being able to have a good Google positioning for your website represents a cornerstone for anyone who wants to get noticed online.

This ranking does not happen by chance, but happens in relation to certain variants closely related to SEO.

The main factors for good Google rankings include:

  • SEO strategy enough on keywords suitable for your business;
  • Publishing quality content and updating their site;
  • Using a modern, SEO friendly CMS (good loading speed, simple and intuitive menu, responsive design on all devices, etc.);
  • On-Page Factor optimization of site pages (title, meta-title, meta-description, etc.) with inherent content;
  • Enrollment in Google Search Console, to speed up indexing processes;
  • Signing up for Google My Business, to improve Local SEO.

Aim for an effective long-term strategy

Google ranking is a strategy that we always offer to our clients who want to increase traffic to their site or boost e-commerce sales. This is a technique that can bring excellent benefits in the long term and if it is applied correctly can give results consistently.

If a site is not well positioned, no one will notice it. Competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, which is why it is important to structure all site content with an SEO perspective so that you can climb to the top of the SERP and get noticed by as many users as possible.

Relying on a structured consulting agency like Spada Media Group gives you the opportunity to grow your business, run exciting promotions, strengthen your brand, and create communities to interact with your customers.

Google positioning
What the SEO specialist is concerned with

Before working on an effective strategy, one should always analyze competitors and see what keywords they have positioned themselves with.

Good search engine rankings also come through a very high quality performance standard. One of the main factors to consider is page loading speed.

Well-positioned texts on websites contain links, through which the user has the opportunity to learn more about a particular topic. Creating a network of links back to our site is helpful in fortifying authority.

The HTML code must be clean, this way we facilitate the work of the search engine, which will quickly notice the selected keywords.

In order to achieve excellent results, it is essential to focus on texts written according to SEO rules and, above all, interesting to users. This also means drafting an editorial plan for the blog in line with the interests expressed by users.

The texts on the pages of a site should be optimized according to SEO techniques, using specific keywords and meta tags.

Why choose
Spada Media Group

Effective Google Ads campaigns require the use of professional software and leveraging the knowledge andexperience gained from managing many projects.

Spada Media Group, being acertified Google Premier Partner agency, can ensure proper setup, continuous monitoring and management of both on-site and off-site cross-media campaigns.

The agency team consists of communication, marketing, as well as Google Ads specialists, content specialists and web reputation experts, who will be able to provide you with comprehensive and in-depth advice.Contact us for more information.

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