Corporate Blog Management

Increase traffic to the website
through blogging activity

The benefits of a corporate blog

Having a corporate blog is a winning move that has countless benefits, especially in terms of search engine ranking and indexing, building brand recognition and attracting new users.

According to marketing research conducted by Demand Metric, companies that have their own blogs produce, on average, 67 percent more leads per month than companies that do not have one. This means that running a blog is not only important in a business expansion perspective, but also plays a key role in keeping your business competitive.

Starting a corporate blog and running it the right way also brings other benefits, such asincreased sales, increased user engagement, and community development.

How best to manage
the corporate blog

Proper management of a company blog starts with a

analysis work

aimed at understanding user behavior, intercepting various potential traffic flows, and identifying the most interesting content in line with your company.

Next comes the creation and planning of an Editorial Plan, which then leads to the
Content editing adapted to specific modes
aim to intercept search engine traffic, stimulate useful and constructive interactions, and convert as many leads as possible.

It should not be forgotten that in order to manage the business blog properly, traffic must be monitored constantly to follow up contacts and turn visitors into customers.

Corporate blog management: why to rely on professionals

Not everyone has the talent for writing: entrusting the creation of content for your business blog to people who do not have the appropriate skills could prove to be a huge mistake.

Spada Media Group, with its team of copywriters and SEO analysts can develop the content marketing strategy best suited to your business and in line with SEO guidelines to be best positioned on search engines.

Indeed, in the magnum sea of the Web, there are countless corporate blogs and competition is high, so writing content based on an SEO strategy is crucial. Only in this way can your blog texts be indexed on major search engines and be easily found.


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