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Macro Influencer Marketing

Macro Influencers are social content creators with huge followings. The number of their followers may vary among different platforms, but the minimum number of followers to have to be called a Macro Influencer is 100,000. Initially, celebrities and well-known personalities were considered Macro Influencers, but the passage of time and the evolution of social networks have given rise to new online personalities with large audiences.

Macro influencers: what sets them apart from others

Macro influencers produce and share content on a regular basis. These posts, videos, Stories reach a large and diverse audience, creating more coverage and engagement. Many companies and brands choose them in influencer marketing campaigns because these influencers are able to give brands greater visibility and awareness.

However, generally the engagement rate of a macro influencer is lower than the micro and medium influencer, this happens because macro influencers do not have personal relationships with their followers. But while micro and medium influencers can reach specific and niche audiences, macro influencers reach a wide and diverse audience by providing coverage unimaginable to others.

Relying on a structured consulting agency like Spada Media Group gives you the opportunity to grow your business, run exciting promotions, strengthen your brand, and create communities to interact with your customers.

The advantages of macro influencer marketing

Investing in macro influencer marketing means reaching a large audience in a short time and, as a result, significantly developing brand Awarness and increasing knowledge and awareness of a particular product or service through promotional campaigns. The investment in macro influencer marketing is important in economic terms, but the result is assured, it remains necessary, however, to structure the collaborations in a clear and contractually transparent way, considering, in some cases, also possible time exclusivity clauses.

How to choose the right macro influencer

Each Macro Influencer has a media-kit, a kind of curriculum vitae, in which the influencer describes himself or herself by reporting the main collaborations he or she has had, the number of followers, and insights, data that are essential to verify the authenticity of a profile. It is then crucial to establish the goals, the target audience you want to reach, and the investment to be made, in order to choose the macro influencer best suited for the company or brand.

The evolution of this figure has, in fact, made the process of identifying the right “opinion leader” delicate and complicated; it is increasingly easy to come across profiles with lots of followers, whose audience consists mainly of purchased “followers.” Therefore, one can risk investing in “fake influencers” and losing the entirety of the investment and not hitting the targets.

To avoid incurring these risks, it is, therefore, crucial to rely on Spada Media Group, which boasts a team of specialists capable of analyzing and monitoring data such as Reach, Impression, Engagement Rate, Mentions, and Saved Post so that they can assess the authenticity of the macro influencer and recommend the best possible one for achieving goals.

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Spada Media Group can support you in launching your influencer marketing initiatives by putting at the service of your brand a team of trained and qualified professionals whose training is constantly being updated.

Designing an influencer marketing campaign does not mean simply selecting an influencer with a good number of followers from social media and involving him or her in your project, but devising a promotional strategy focused on valuable content that can really increase sales.

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