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The Web offers many opportunities, but it is knowing how to manage them in the right way that can make the difference in improving one’s online presence. This is precisely why Google has chosen to give accreditation to users who are proficient in using the tools it provides, especially with regard to ADV campaigns: the Google Ads certification.

This is a very important recognition that identifies a user as an expert in online marketing. It can be achieved quickly and easily by participating in Skillshop, the online training program created by Google.

Those who become a Google Partner Agency demonstrate a range of skills and expertise in web advertising, which are an added value in effectively promoting a business online. But how does Google Ads certification work and what benefits does it offer?

How to get Google Ads Certification

To become a Google Certified Agency, it is necessary to set up a Skillshop account, passing tests related to the different subject areas of Google Ads: Google Ads search network, Google Ads display advertising, Google Ads video advertising, Shopping ads.

Having Google Ads certification offers many advantages. First of all, it is a way to demonstrate one’s skills to clients. It also allows you to obtain the Google Partner badge or Premier Google Partner recognition, providing additional value to your company.

The certification

Google Ads

available in 22 languages – is obtained upon passing the relevant test on Skillshop by correctly answering at least 80 percent of the proposed questions. The time allotted is 75 minutes; if you fail the test(or abandon it) you must wait 24 hours before you can retake it. The certification is valid for one year, after which you must retake the test to renew it.

the advantages of relying on
a google certified agency


Important guarantee in terms of quality and reliability


Technical knowledge demonstrable by certification


Exclusive promotional offers for campaigns


Featured industry trend news


Request for technical assistance from Google


Ongoing and advanced training on Google Ads


Access to an exclusive community with insights into real-world case studies


Optimization of results and faster resolution of technical errors

What is the Google Premier Partner Badge and why it can make a difference

Google has introduced the possibility of becoming a Google Premier Partner through a badge that attests to technical expertise in managing the tools available to do online advertising.

The Google Partner badge is awarded to companies that demonstrate a solid track record of managing advertising campaigns, coupled with ongoing training and updates about the latest industry news. Google rewards the most experienced through a badge that you can use within your website.

Requirements for obtaining
the Google Badge

The Google Premier Partner Badge is an even more prestigious recognition than the Google Partner certification and is awarded to agencies that have at least 50 percent of their team members Google Skillshop certified.

There is also a minimum spending requirement that requires having managed SEA campaigns for an investment of $20,000 or more in the last 90 days. Performance metrics to be evaluated for Premier Partner certification include customer account structuring, quality scores, and use of automated bidding.

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Spada Media Group

To implement effective effective Google Ads campaigns you need to use professional software and leverage the knowledge andexperience gained from managing many projects.

Spada Media Group, being acertified Google Premier Partner agency, can ensure proper setup, continuous monitoring and management of both on-site and off-site cross-media campaigns.

The agency team consists of communication, marketing, as well as Google Ads specialists, content specialists and web reputation experts, who will be able to provide you with comprehensive and in-depth advice. Contact us for more information.

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