Lead Generation Campaigns

Create Your Lead Generation Campaign
with Google Ads

Create an effective lead generation campaign with Google Ads

Advertising online is not a job for everyone-the Web, in fact, offers endless potential, but you need specific skills to make the most of it.

To create lead generation campaigns, Google offers us a specific tool: Google Ads. Knowing it is most important if you want to
working out a marketing strategy
and catalyze the interest of possible new customers.

In order to organize an effective campaign with Google Ads and do lead generation, it is important to contact experts in the field, who will follow certain steps.

How to get new
target contacts

One of the main objectives of an online advertising campaign is to do lead generation, that is, to expand the network of contacts in order to increase the pool of potential customers interested in certain products or services.

Getting new leads can be useful, especially
If we have an e-commerce business,
because it allows us to increase the chances of selling.

When doing lead generation, you do not acquire random contacts, but on target with the area of interest, so that there can be concrete results. To succeed, however, one must analyze the market well and come up with a type of communication that is on target, using persuasive language and offering benefits.

All the steps to make
lead generation campaigns

1. target

You cannot sell a service without knowing who you are addressing. Thus, defining a specific target audience is an essential prerequisite for planning a successful campaign, a feasible task using Google Ads.

2. competitor

To carry out an original lead generation campaign, it is important to study the behavior of competitors. We can figure out what their weaknesses are so that we can use them in our favor to turn them into strengths.

3. content

Without effective communication, even the best marketing expert can struggle to get a campaign off the ground. The goal of an ad is to be able to capture users' interest with relevant keywords.

4. KPI

Before designing a campaign you need to understand what the goals are, that is, the results you want to achieve. Depending on the goal, a certain type of communication will be used, and users will be directed to a page that can meet all the requirements.

5. conversions

To understand whether an advertising campaign with Google Ads is actually succeeding, it is necessary to monitor conversions. Speaking of monitoring activities, it is also appropriate to define what the benchmark KPIs (i.e., key performance indicators) are.

6. landing page

An advertisement is more successful when linked to a specific landing page, which, in addition to being immediately usable for the user, must also be optimized. This means that it must meet certain SEO requirements.

Why choose
Spada Media Group

Effective Google Ads campaigns require the use of professional software and leveraging the knowledge andexperience gained from managing many projects.

Spada Media Group, being a ‘

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, can ensure proper setup, continuous monitoring and management of on-site and off-site cross-media campaigns.

The agency team consists of communication, marketing, as well as Google Ads specialists, content specialists and web reputation experts, who will be able to provide you with comprehensive and in-depth advice. Contact us for more information.

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