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Plan a Shopping campaign
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How Shopping Ads campaigns are implemented.

Google Ads Shopping campaigns are a great way to increase your website’s conversion rate. While they are not super-easy to organize, the support offered by Google is remarkable by massively automating a large chunk of the work to be done.

But how do these campaigns work? How can you make the most of them to implement your business?

By comparing different retailers, the user has a way to choose the one that proves most in line with his or her needs. When a user searches for a particular product or service, Google suggests to him those offered by his own site and those offered by competitors.

How a Shopping Google Ads campaign works

Google Shopping is a service offered by Google to those who sell products or services, allowing them to advertise their products in an effective and appealing way.

A Google Shopping ad is essential but at the same time comprehensive. Always includes: the name of the product, an image, price, the name of the brand selling it, information and details, shipping charges, any user reviews.

The moment the user clicks on the ad, Google automatically redirects him to the e-commerce page where he can make the purchase.

Why use a Shopping Google Ads campaign for your marketing strategy

Reach a specific target audience through keywords

It gets right to the point, it's fast, clean, effective service

Showing all products, not just describing them

Effective for achieving good Google ranking

Google Shopping is active in more than 40 countries worldwide and is undoubtedly the most popular shopping comparison tool. Google’s algorithms automatically process a file called a product feed that contains all the information about your e-commerce business.

The data is used to match products to relevant search queries typed in by users, thus creating the ad. Users searching for certain products view the ad and, if interested, click on it, landing on the e-commerce product page.

How to create a Shopping Google Ads campaign

To implement Shopping Google Ads campaigns, it is first necessary to have a Google Ads account. Can one also proceed on their own? The answer is yes. In theory. In practice, however, it is a little different, because to maximize the effectiveness of a Google advertising campaign, it is advisable to turn to professionals in the field who can make the most of these tools.

In any case, from the dashboard of your Google Ads account you can select the item related to creating a Shopping campaign, choosing between two options: the Smart campaign and the Standard campaign. Compared to the latter, the former offers many more advantages, including the fact that ads are visible on multiple networks, including the Search network, the Display network, YouTube, and Gmail. The last step involves filling in some fields such as the budget so that your Google Shopping campaign can start right away.

Planning a Google Ads Shopping Campaign

Planning a Google Ads Shopping campaign is very cost-effective because many people search for products to buy through Google, and as a result, advertising on this search engine allows you to be present right where most potential customers are.

Google Shopping, then, does a lot of work automatically, meaning that, thanks to its algorithms, information regarding one’s e-commerce is extracted and ad hoc ads are created based on relevant search queries.

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