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Amazon positioning:
how it works

Amazon’s algorithm follows a few main rules, with the goal of providing users with the most relevant and convenient products. As a result, only the data in Amazon’s databases are of particular relevance to achieving a good Amazon ranking.

main factors for a good
Amazon positioning

Keyword Relevance

They must be relevant to the product. In addition, it should be kept in mind that 50% of buyers on Amazon always read the product description when they plan to buy it.

Sales history

Amazon will index products based on the keywords in the tab you created and how many sales you got for each keyword. Generating sales for specific keywords means your product is relevant to searchers.

Conversion rate

The ratio of the number of times your product is displayed to the number of sales generated. For this reason, it is important to focus only on keywords that are related to your product.

Click-through rate (CTR)

A user's click on your product is a demonstration of relevance to that specific search term.

Seller reputation

Positive feedback, sales growth rate, number of products in stock, are all values that can improve your brand's ranking on the Amazon SERP.


Amazon shows its users the most relevant products at the best price. Having a price below the market average can give you the initial boost in positioning.

Relying on a structured consulting agency like Spada Media Group gives you the opportunity to grow your business, run exciting promotions, strengthen your brand, and create communities to interact with your customers.

Amazon positioning: what does the SEO Specialist do?

Placing a brand and certain products on Amazon is not the only factor that can improve your site’s performance. In fact, SEO Specialists deal with many other factors, such as:

  • Study of competitors: how are they positioned? What keywords do they particularly focus on?
  • Performance control: good search engine rankings also come from a very high quality performance standard. One of the main factors to consider is page loading speed.
  • Landing Page: well-positioned products on Amazon generally contain links, through which the user has the opportunity to learn more about them.

Positioning a website well on Amazon, therefore,
in addition to sponsorship campaigns,
also implies continuous monitoring of its performance over time and the ability to intervene promptly to adjust product sheets as needed.

Rely on a qualified agency to improve Amazon ranking

Spada Media Group can support you in starting your Amazon positioning project by putting at the service of your brand a team of trained and qualified professionals, whose training is being continuously updated, consisting of:

  • Account Manager: is the point person for the client and is in charge of managing all the operational phases necessary to start an SEM project, acting as a liaison between client/business area/SEM specialist.
  • SEO Specialist: the specialist in charge of optimizing product sheets within the Amazon search engine so as to improve their organic ranking
  • Copywriter: is in charge of drafting text content in SEO.

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