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Amazon Ads is Amazon’s platform for creating and monitoring paid advertisements within the e-commerce giant. This tool is high-performing and can be an important resource for anyone wishing to reach large audiences by increasing both sales and brand awarness.

As is already the case with Google Ads, the cost of the campaign is in pay-per-click mode: once the daily spending budget is defined and loaded, Amazon charges the advertiser only for the actual clicks made by users on the sponsored ads.

Amazon Ads: how does it work and how can Spada Media Group help you?

The moment a user browses Amazon and enters a search keyword, he will be faced with several results: some organic and some advertised, precisely, through the Advertising section of the site.

As a result, she will also see sponsored ads with the goal of catalyzing her attention and guiding her toward certain purchase choices. In order to start creating ads on Amazon, you need to activate a Seller account on the site, and once you have set up your profile, you can start running ad campaigns.

Amazon offers a wide selection of advertisements, and in order to generate the best possible investment, it is a good idea to choose the one that best suits your business needs and business goals: accordingly, Relying on a qualified agency like Spada Media Group can help you to
Set the best strategy for your brand.

The types of Amazon Ads campaigns

There are different types of Amazon Ads campaigns that you can activate:

Sponsoerd Products

Through this type of ad, you can select keywords to target for the product you want to promote.


This is a great way to give visibility to a brand and convey its image and philosophy.


Amazon allows its sellers to create customized stores where they can display their brand and products from their catalog.


Among the new features made available by Amazon, it aims to conduct retargeting campaigns outside the platform's boundaries.


These ads have almost the same characteristics as Display ads, but place their focus on video content that can engage the user.

The benefits of Amazon Ads campaigns

Among the main reasons for choosing to run adv campaigns on Amazon is to consider, of course, that the e-commerce site has more than 300 million users. As a result, sponsoring one’s products through Amazon Ads makes it easy to reach a wide range of audiences and take advantage of the numerous statistical data they collect every day on purchases, preferences, reviews, and online behavior to plan and calibrate subsequent marketing efforts.

In addition, sponsorship allows you to show your products among the top positions, and with the possible resulting increase in the number of sales and good reviews, you could Improve one’s ranking on Amazon and be able to keep their products in the highest SERP positions even after the campaigns are completed. Another fact to keep in mind is that only 20 percent of sales on Amazon are through a direct search for the desired product. Accordingly, the remainder is done through directing the user browsing the site to similar offers, product categories, or products “often bought together with” the one initially selected.

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