Showcase sites: what they are and why it pays to create them


Showcase sites: what are these types of websites? What benefits do they bring? In this article, we will answer these and other questions about one of the most popular types of sites on the Web and one that presents numerous possibilities and opportunities for businesses.

Showcase sites: what are they?

A showcase site is one in which, through descriptive pages, a company and its products are talked about. In short, it is, precisely, a real showcase on the Web, which is a very important resource, if placed, however, in a strategic location. Generally, we could define them as a contained, inexpensive space that can function as your company’s first online image.

It should not be forgotten, however, that the basis of showcase sites is. A communication strategy that enables companies to be found and chosen by users. As a result, creating an excellent showcase site requires the involvement of specialized professionals, so that the work is done in the most accurate manner and to avoid creating a mere “duplicate” of the original site.

Given the great competition on the Web, it is essential to be able to create a showcase site that can provide the right information to users and entice them to choose your brand.

In fact, the user who happens upon our showcase site should be able to:

  • Find it easily
  • Understand that the showcase site is just what you are looking for
  • Being clear about what the company proposes and its added values
  • Being clear about the market price
  • Having the opportunity to interact

However, before choosing the most suitable CMS for our needs we need to evaluate several aspects such as: client’s goals, graphical appearance, development at the code level, content creation, possibility of implementing advertisements, proper documentation and support, SEO optimization and, in case of inexperienced users, ease of use.

What are showcase sites for?

Showcase sites serve with the goal of making brand awarness, i.e., making one’s brand known, finding new potential customers, arriving at precise predefined goals: in short, the showcase site should be treated as a real business project where the web is exploited to make people find the company and select customers.

The main steps for creating showcase sites, therefore, are:

  • Goal setting
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Identify the customer’s search intent and the most suitable keywords
  • Drawing up an editorial plan
  • Start the drafting of texts
  • SEO Optimization
  • Assess strategy integration with other means (e.g., Google Ads, Social, etc.).

When is it recommended to create a showcase site?

In general, it is recommended to create a showcase site when:

  • The company sells services instead of products
  • The company in the tertiary sector
  • The company needs to establish trust with customers before offering its products/services

The showcase site is one that needs to be kept alive and, therefore, needs to be constantly updated with news and information of interest to users.

Showcase sites: how many pages should they have?

There is no predefined number of pages that a showcase site must have to perform well. If you reason about the potential of the Web and the needs of the company, you will come to understand that a showcase site could have 4 or 5 pages, as it can also have several dozen. This depends on what the company needs and wants to say, whether or not it is a leader in its target market, how it works, and how it wants to communicate.

Obviously, the texts of a showcase site should be written or, at least, proofread by a copywriter, capable of using the best techniques of writing for the web, persuasive writing, and familiar with SEO.

How much does a showcase site cost?

The amount of work involved in creating a showcase site is not indifferent, therefore, a creation of it is certainly cheaper than creating an entire website, but it still involves costs that include all the different stages of the project:

  • Initial comparison project (2-3 hours)
  • Analysis and considerations (at least 4 hours)
  • Graphics (1/2 weeks)
  • Platform development (free of charge)
  • Drafting and uploading texts (at least 2-3 hours per text)

On average we are talking about a few hundred or a few thousand euros (depending also on the number of pages), also because it takes time to take care of the project in detail, and it takes a lot of expertise to write the most suitable texts and create the graphics.

Why rely on a qualified agency to create your showcase site?

A qualified agency, such as Spada Media Group, can create custom websites and showcase sites, adapt portal features to your needs and, if required, provide integrations with major external software and management systems.

In addition, upon request it can enable tracking tag management and analysis of traffic and ranking statistics to constantly measure site performance and conversions.

Thanks to our long experience and specialization in professional and corporate website creation, we are able to offer the highest quality service: from graphic design to content creation, website development to client training and all-around support.

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