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Years of experience, projects for important consumers in multiple sectors and know-how gained in both traditional ATL/BTL communication and web marketing have made Spada Media Group one of Italy’s leading digital marketing agencies.

Our digital marketing consulting service is comprehensive and entrusted to professionals with specific and cross-cutting skills, capable of devising a consistently successful and winning digital strategy. Having a dedicated team on each specific campaign is, in fact, a determining factor in standing out in the magnum sea of web marketing.

Digital marketing consultancy: we devise a comprehensive, high-performing and long-lasting strategy to promote your company

Why go to a different agency for each individual medium when you can have one with which to interface and compare, equipped with a media center that can advise and plan an all-around digital strategy?

Very often, even with large budgets spent, relevant and lasting results are not achieved precisely because of the lack of coordination between the various channels used to promote your products or brand and the lack of a close-knit and competent team capable of supporting and accompanying you step by step in the growth of your company.


Get ready to show the best online business card to your customers
Looking for a reliable website creation agency to devise a dynamic and high-performing business website?
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Position your site at the top of search engines, thanks to SEO
A well-ranked site in search results allows for greater visibility and increased volume of organic web traffic.
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Google ADS

Grow your business with the right investment in Google
Google Ads campaigns are the most effective advertising tool within search engines.
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Social Media

The integrated management of corporate communication on social networks
Nowadays, any company cannot fail to have a presence on the various social channels, as these offer the opportunity to address hundreds of millions of users.
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Increase your brand's visibility with Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing communication activities involving web celebrities constitute the vanguard of marketing.
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Amazon Campaigns

Lead users to buy your products on Amazon
Amazon campaigns represent the most effective advertising tool within the e-commerce giant.
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Web Marketing Tree

The application of the Web Marketing Tree is among the key factors in our success. This is a scheme reworked by us from an earlier American model.

The Web Marketing Tree allows our team of experts to take into account all possible activities on the Web, identify the most suitable for client companies, and plan a winning digital strategy .

A good digital marketing consultancy should tell the client where, how and to what extent to invest their budget depending on their goals, type of business and target audience, never forgetting to study the market and differentiate themselves from competitors.

This is, without a doubt, one of Spada Media Group’s greatest strengths: to be a group of professionals with heterogeneous and cross-cutting skills, and with digital consulting and strategic analysis skills in both digital (web marketing, social media, direct e-mail marketing, Digital PR, SEO, SEM, Google Ads, mobile marketing, conversion marketing, content marketing) and traditional advertising (TV advertising, radio, billboards, Out of Home).

digital marketing: some elements
fundamentals of the context

digital purchasing process

Today, consumers’ purchasing decision-making process is much more complex, nonlinear and influenced from the very first moments by brand reputation, blogs, reviews and online opinions. For this reason, it becomes essential to rely on a digital marketing agency that can integrate digital strategy with other web activities.

touch point

Customers tend to use all the media at their disposal to acquire as much information as possible about the product/service they want to buy, thus fragmenting the buying process into several stages and finding different channels to get in touch with the brand, the so-called touch points.


The new digital consumer is referred to as “empowered” and, therefore, “prosumer,” because in the path to purchase he or she searches for and uses all available information with the goal of maximizing the time and cost of purchase.

Spada Media Group offers Digital Marketing consulting that allows you to reach a targeted audience and interact with them at the time of their maximum reception, regardless of the geographic area where your business is located.

Our team can track and monitor user actions in real time so that we can improve and optimize marketing strategies on a day-to-day basis. How? Starting from the ground up and setting a specific, high-performing digital marketing strategy:


Study the audience, what they want and what they need.


Define the value proposition of your business.


Set goals to achieve and define business priorities


Track the data seeded by your users and generate qualified and profiled contacts.


Use the tools best suited to the needs of your business.


It compiles timely and reliable quantitative and qualitative reports.

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Managed SEO projects
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Managed social networks profiles

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